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Working Knowledge: Enhancing Your Edge in Financial Research

The Theme:

The principal theme of this seminar is the knowledge creation of global financial research methods, techniques, approaches, and topics as well as the guidance of future research idea construction in the field of financial investments & innovation, risk issues, modeling, predictive models with econometric techniques.


The chief objective of this seminar is to generate insightful and extensive financial research agenda for both academicians and graduate students, and to enhance their knowledge on financial research that combines sophisticated statistical and econometric techniques with current ideas and issues in asset pricing, financial modeling, risk calibration, and financial investments & innovation.


The major benefits of the comprehensive content of the Working Knowledge: Enhancing Your Edge in Financial Research seminar are, but not limited to:

  • Learn more about global research conducted and being conducted in finance.
  • Help researchers develop a compelling research scalability for research efforts in the area of financial investments, innovation, risk optimization, and modeling.
  • Advice researchers in regard to emerging research methods and related statistical diagnostics.
  • Identify the current working knowledge and research practices in a wide range of topics of financial research.
  • Guide faculty and graduate students anticipating working on thesis/grants/research papers in the field of financial innovation and financial econometrics research.
  • Discuss an actionable roadmap, design, and methods for future financial research efforts.

Presented by: Dr. Murat Kizildag, Associate Professor, University of Central Florida

Dr. Murat Kizildag has been with University of Central Florida since 2013. Before joining UCF, Dr. Kizildag held an instructor of managerial finance position at Texas Tech University. He received his Ph.D. in Hospitality Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, his MBA with an emphasis in Finance, and his M.S. in Restaurant, Hotel, and Institutional Management from the same institution. While getting his Ph.D. degree, he acquired Bloomberg Essentials Training Program Certification for Equity, Fixed-Income, Foreign Exchange (FX), and Commodity Essentials. In his current position, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in financial management, managerial accounting, and financial analysis for hospitality enterprises.

Dr. Kizildag is intrigued by the depth of financial research in financial investments, risk analytics, financial time-series analysis, and economic modelling and forecasting. Dr. Kizildag produced numerous articles appeared in business finance and hospitality business administration journals. His research papers are recognized with several best paper awards and he is a recipient of many teaching awards Further, Dr. Kizildag worked on several different grant projects and contracts such as, economic development and tax incentive programs for Curaçao’s foreign direct investment (FDI) policies. Dr. Kizildag sits on several editorial and advisory boards of top-tier international and national journals, conferences, and organizations, has served in several different committees, and have extensive professional and academic leadership roles in and outside of UCF.